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Erbil International Marathon

DAMA Medical unit participated in the Erbil International Marathon , our specialized team provided basic sport medicine and general health assessment for the participants in the marathon, including primary survey , management of dehydration , trauma and wound management , muscle spasm relief and stretching, our team also provided health education advice on post-marathon rest and nutrition.

Our team composed of , Orthopedic

Doctor , Junior Doctor , dentist , Pharmacist , Biologist Lab. , Logistic team. The team succeeded to manage more than 70 cases who were exhausted , dehydrated , suffer from muscle spasm and muscle pain due to long run marathon , additionally the following cases had been stabilized and referred to nearest hospital in Erbil , one ankle sprain , two knee injury , 3 wounds , one life threatening attack of seizure.

Erbil International Marathon is an international sport event in order to establish love, peace and non-violence in Iraq, and to inform the world that there is a strong community of leaders of civil society in Iraq who are committed to peace and nonviolence and justice for their country and that are supported by a wide range of international partners.

We had been delighted by the visit of Dr. Firsat Sofy Erbil Governor , he showed his appreciation to the effort of our volunteer team.

We made the coordination with Erbil Department of health team supervised by the Director General Dr. Chato Mohammed Amin to better serve the marathon participants. They were available for Emergency Medical support and referral of the life threatening cases to Erbil Hospital.

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