Doctors Aid Medical Activities (DAMA) is a non-profit, non-governmental local Iraqi organization founded in Erbil-Kurdistan region of Iraq , on the basis of serving, supporting, and motivating the surrounding community and the internally displaced people in Iraq. DAMA aims to provide high quality medical care to disadvantaged individuals along with spreading awareness on healthy living and disease prevent


Offering medical and health services to citizens and residents of Iraq, and to promote health awareness on non-profitable basis. In addition to offer and distribute nonfood items in line of medical services. Also, to enhance the efficiency of individuals working in the medical sector, in order to live in a healthy and safe environment.


To reach out for all society members who are in need for medical services, and to provide them with unique services, in addition to protect them from diseases and epidemics. Moreover, to spread these services throughout Kurdistan region of Iraq, and to transfer modern and developed medical knowledge to all medical specialists and personnel, as a mean to enable DAMA to play a supportive role within the public sector organizations.


Dr. Nabaz Al-Mirani 

President/General Manager

I'm a medical doctor graduated from Suleimania University , click here for more details 

Dr. Tariq S. Al-Jarrah

Vice President for Programs 

I'm a dentist graduated from Baghdad University ,

click here for more details 

Mohamed Kh. Al-Mirany

Finance Manager

I'm an Engineer Graduated from Baghdad University . Click here for more details 

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