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Doctors Aid for Medical Activities (DAMA) is a non-profit, non-governmental local Iraqi organization founded and registered in Erbil Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) in 2016 and, also registered in Baghdad in 2018.

In 2016, DAMA started during the conflict with  Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) crisis aiming to provide  high quality medical care to individuals in need along with spreading awareness on healthy living and disease prevention


Our mission is to support the Ministry of Health and health stakeholders to restore and develop the health system in Iraq, as to provide quality health services to all Iraqi citizens including those who seek refuge in Iraq, through capacity building in those area where there is a need. In addition, to support empowering communities through health promotion activities and ensuring equity. In case of crises which need support in health care, DAMA commits to respond and provide relief health activities in coordination with Ministry of health.


We, as Doctors Aid Medical Activities, believe that every person in Iraq, regardless of age, gender, religion, political affiliations, ethnicity, disability, and socio-economic situation, has the right to health,  meaning the highest attainable degree of well-being, which can be achieved if  every single person has the ability to make their own informed choices regarding their health and have access to safe, effective, acceptable, and quality health care.


The core values of our organisations, inspire us, and guide our choices how we deal with people in and outside our organisation.


Respect : We treat all people with dignity and respect regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, religion, political beliefs, position, origin, socio-economic situation, including beneficiaries, stakeholders, and DAMA staff, through listening and giving everybody the opportunity to express their needs and ideas. Activities are therefore developed with engagement of the communities.


Quality : Our quality is determined by the adherence to the use of evidence-based standards and the satisfaction of the people we serve. We learn from our activities and improve continuously, through monitoring and evaluating the activities and through actively seeking feedback from the communities and our partners.


Accountability : Our accountability is demonstrated by sharing accurate and transparent information about our activities, funding, and internal processes, whereby we communicate challenges, adjustments made and feedback we received. Our annual activity reports are available to the public on our website and on request.


Supportive :  As an organisation we emphasize helping and assisting people in our community, our own organization, and our partners to achieve the best possible performance in a healthy and encouraging working environment.


Reliability :  We can be trusted to ensure a consistent high-quality work.


Medical ethics. As a medical organization, DAMA ensures to adhere to medical ethics, which includes promoting good, do no harm, respect for autonomy for individuals and justice. This will be reflected in our programs and capacity building activities.



Dr. Nabaz Al-Mirani 

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Dr. Tariq S. Al-Jarrah
Vice President for Programs 

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Mohamed Kh. Al-Mirany

I'm a medical doctor graduated from Suleimania University , click here for more details 

I'm a dentist graduated from Baghdad University ,

click here for more details 

I'm an Engineer Graduated from Baghdad University . Click here for more details 

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Dr. Tariq Zyad Tariq 
General Manager 


Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery

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